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Free SEO Analysis

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Data Analysis

Leverage Data for SEO success: Analyse vast datasets, uncover insights, and supercharge your optimisation strategy for stellar results.

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Best Keyword Ranking

Achieve optimal SEO results by securing top keyword rankings, driving organic traffic, and dominating search engine visibility.

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Speed Optimisation

Enhance SEO rankings: Accelerate website speed for improved user experience, search engine favorability, and higher conversions.

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SEO Mobile Specialty

Leverage mobile SEO expertise: Optimize for mobile devices, enhance user experience, and conquer search rankings for mobile success.

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Better Conversion

Enhanced strategies and optimisations designed to boost conversion rates, ensuring improved customer engagement and increased business success.

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Social Network Monitoring

Enhance SEO through social network monitoring: Track trends, engage with audiences, and amplify visibility for better rankings.


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    Pricing Plans

    Birmingham SEO Agency

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    Supported by Projects Marketing
    £99/ MO
    • Free Initial Assessment
    • Boosting Pages for Relevant Keywords
    • Monthly Report
    • Guaranteed Increase in Web Traffic
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    Perfect for Small Businesses
    £150/ MO
    • Free Initial Assessment
    • Boosting Pages for Relevant Keywords
    • Webpage Code Changes to Boost Site
    • Monthly Report
    • Guaranteed Increase in Web Traffic
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    Ideal for Growing Businesses
    £200/ MO
    • Free Initial Assessment
    • Boosting Pages for Relevant Keywords
    • Webpage Code Changes to Boost site
    • Creating and Managing Google Profile
    • Writing Blog Posts
    • Monthly Report
    • Guaranteed Increase in Web Traffic
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    Best for Larger and Ambitious Growth Businesses
    £275/ MO
    • Free Initial Assessment
    • Boosting Pages for Relevant Keywords
    • Webpage Code Changes to Boost Site
    • Creating and Managing Google Profile
    • Writing Blog Posts
    • Adding Backlinks
    • Managing Social Media Profiles
    • £50 of Social or Google Ads
    • Monthly Report
    • Guaranteed Increase in Web Traffic
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    HP1 Service

    Be on the top & Get more traffic to your website

    Achieve top search rankings and boost website traffic with strategic SEO, engaging content, user-friendly design, and effective promotion across relevant channels.

    • Be on the top of Google
    • Save your time and let us handle it
    • Cross-devices ability
    • Increase in sales Cover our Fees

    Case Studies

    See how we have helped companies from all sectors to grow and develop the website ranking and sales

    • SEO for Business Consultants

      Are you a business consultant looking to expand your reach and clientele? Our specialised SEO services are designed to help consultants like you shine in the digital world. We understand the unique challenges you face, from industry competition to complex B2B sales cycles. With our tailored SEO strategies, you'll experience heightened online visibility, attract high-value […]
    • SEO for Online Store

      Unlock the Full Potential of Your Online Store with Our SEO Services Are you running an online store and struggling to reach your target audience? Our specialised SEO services are tailored to e-commerce businesses like yours. We understand the unique challenges of online retail and can help you skyrocket your rankings on search engines. With […]
    • SEO for IT Support Business

      Is your IT support company struggling to stand out in the digital landscape? Discover how our expert SEO services can catapult your online visibility and drive more qualified leads to your business. We specialise in optimising your online presence, so you can focus on delivering top-notch IT solutions while we take care of boosting your […]

    What Makes a Website Rank Well?

    “What makes a website rank well?” is a fundamental question that explores the underlying factors and strategies that contribute to the success and performance of a website. It delves into aspects such as content quality, user experience, SEO, marketing efforts, and other key elements that determine how effectively a website serves its purpose and attracts visitors.

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    Page Optimisation

    • Keyword Research
    • Content Quality and Relevance
    • Page Speed and Mobile Optimisation
    • On-Page SEO
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    Internal Site Audit

    • Content Review
    • Technical SEO Analysis
    • Broken Links, Redirects and Dead Pages
    • Site Structure and Navigation
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    Content Marketing

    • Content Strategy and Planning
    • High-Quality Content Creation
    • Audience Research and Persona Development
    • Content Promotion
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    Technical SEO

    • Website Speed and Performance
    • XML Sitemaps and Robots.txt
    • Structured Data Markup (
    • Canonicalisation and URL
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    Brand Awareness

    • Consistent Brand Identity
    • Influencer Partnerships
    • Content Marketing and Social Media
    • Community Engagements
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    Local Search Optimisation

    • Google My Business (GMB)
    • Local Keyword Research
    • Online Reviews and Reputation Management
    • Local Link Building and Citations
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    Mobile Search Improving

    • Mobile-Friendly Website Design
    • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
    • Local Mobile Search Engine Optimisation
    • Optimise for Voice Search
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    Competitor Monitoring

    • Competitor Analysis
    • Social Media and Online Presence
    • Keyword Research and Content Analysis
    • Price and Promotion Tracking
    Effective SEO

    Why is an SEO Strategy so Important

    An SEO Strategy is the centrepoint of everything we do at Projects.

    Taking time to understand each client, their marketplace and their customers is paramount, to ensure the SEO work creates relevant traffic with prospective customers. 

    Generating a volume of traffic is easy, we want to create traffic which leads to sales enquiries.

    We Know How To Code

    With over 25 years in the marketing sector, the team at Projects support websites written on all platforms.

    Whether it is a Wordpress site, Coded in HTML Wix, or any other package, we have the experience to work on the site and create effective SEO content

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    Search Engine Friendly

    Keeping all websites SEO Friendly

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    Local SEO

    Local SEO specialist  to boost enquiries from local customers

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    Monthly Marketing Management

    Adding blogs, social media posts and LinkedIn campaigns

    Optimised Websites
    Years Of Services

    What Clients Say?

    • I’ve been really pleased with the results SEO campaign, we’re getting a good flow of enquiries through the website. I’m free to run the business, while the Projects team keep the site ranking well. It’s been a great way to spend our marketing budget…

      IT Support Company
      Managing Director
    • I was very cynical that a website would generate leads for a specilaist company like ours, however I’ve been astounded at the work done by the team at Projects to create a good flow of high quality enquiries… it’s really working for us

      Business Consultants
      Managing Director
    • The team at Projects have given my business a fantastic boost… creating a great website and using their SEO Skills to boost the traffic and sales from the site. They took their time to understand my business and work with me too meet my goals.
      Online Store UK
      Sales Director